Haiti: Day 5 – March 2012

22 Mar

So, on Thursday, our last full day in Haiti, our team and another team were taken up into a village more up in the mountains than previous villages we had been to the days before. When we arrived, we all walked down to this river and either had to walk through it, or dare to use stepping stones. After, we split up into smaller groups, each with a translator. Our group had Adrian, one of my favorite translators. We also had Will, the guy who was basically taking care of our team for the week. As we stared walking, I noticed how peaceful and untouched this village seemed to be. The only things that of any man-made were the fields of mango trees and aqueducts. It was pretty sweet walking along the aqueducts because it not only did it bring tranquility, but it also made me marvel at how they were built.

After a bit, our group stopped down by the river to take a break. As we were doing so a lady, her younger cousin and baby, stopped to see what we were doing. Then, the most amazing part of not only the day, but probably the week happened. Will noticed the lady and her cousin, and baby looking at us, so he called them down to sit and join us. He then, with the help of Adrian, proceeded to ask her questions about who she was, what she does in the village, and many other things. It was awesome to see how he was taking all these simple questions and slowly but surely was reaching the point of sharing the gospel to her. I could really see God speaking through Will to this lady about the Love and mercy of Jesus Christ. She was understanding everything Will was saying to her about Jesus, except for when it came to baptism is an outward expression to people of how a person is born again.

So Will used the most genius example I have ever heard to describe baptism. He began by describing how when people make pickles, they take cucumbers, and put them into vinegar to turn into pickles. He described how the cucumber is like an unbeliever, and when the cucumber was dipped into vinegar, it transformed into something else entirely, a pickle. He then continued on how that pickle represents us, being born again, and although the pickle is taken out of the vinegar, it is still a pickle, it doesn’t transform back into a cucumber. And so, whenever someone is baptized, they are dipped into the water, and brought back out to symbolize that they have been transformed by Christ and will always be transformed. This experience was one of the most amazing ways I have seen God use someone to share his love and mercy to people.

Written by Remington Whitt

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Posted by on March 22, 2012 in General Missions, Haiti, Samaria


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