Haiti: Final Reflections – March 2012

26 Mar

Final impressions on Haiti

It’s really a sad place, makes me want to cry thinking about it. Everything there is so different; smells, noises, tastes etc.. The poverty is definitely at 100%. This trip has by far been the most humbling experience of my life. I feel that I have learned so much through it – even about life in general. In my head I’ve pretty much always lived in this perfect little American bubble but I now realize that there is so much more. We as Americans, and most other first world countries, are completely spoiled with all the convenience in our lives. Even our homeless have it pretty good compared to the majority of Haiti. It’s something that most of us are blindly unaware of and I’m so thankful that God has led me to realize how blessed I really am. Haitians literally have next to nothing and are still infinitely happier than the majority of Americans. Everyone there is so happy and kind.

They are heavily influenced by American culture and it is so heartbreaking to see them looking up to Americans for the worldly things that we have. They are equally as lost as we are and this is something that many of them do not realize. I think it is so important in Haiti, and possibly even more vital in America, that we show the value of being content in Christ and not content in our possessions. No matter if we live in an upper middle class home with a new car in the garage, or a tent made out of sticks and weathered tarp with paper thin sandals on our feet, Christ is the only thing that will ever provide a lasting contentment.

All this has really hit me after being in Haiti. I love the Haitian culture with my whole heart, leaving is so sad. Haiti is by far the most beautiful place I have ever laid eyes on. I wish I could explain in words how it feels to watch the sunset behind the mountains and the ocean. God is undoubtedly an artist in every way – I have no doubt of that. No spec of dirt on this earth has gone unaccounted for, all things hold beauty when you look at it through a biblical lens. I’m extremely excited that I got the opportunity to go on this trip and I’m already  planning a trip back. I can’t express how good it feels to have a church family behind you, and I would like to thank everyone who made this trip possible with their prayers and financial support – you guys are awesome.

Written by Jesse Turner

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Posted by on March 26, 2012 in General Missions, Haiti, Samaria


One response to “Haiti: Final Reflections – March 2012

  1. Lisa Turner

    March 26, 2012 at 10:31 pm

    So well spoken. Thank you for reaching out to the Haitians on behalf of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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