Ethiopia, Day 2 – May 2012

24 May

We had the opportunity today to go back to the Onesimus drop-in center where we were yesterday. When we arrived many of the same children we met yesterday were there, and we were able to pick up friendships where they left off. The morning was spent playing with children, talking with the staff members about their lives, hearing testimonies and helping serve the staff.

For lunch we got to experience our first taste of authentic Ethiopian cuisine. We enjoyed
injera, gomen, and siga wat with the staff. Injera is a type of flatbread that is kind of similar in texture to a crepe and is used to scoop up the other sauces; Gomen is a dish of collard greens; Siga wat is a red meat sauce. Afterwards, we put on a program for the children teaching them songs, which they were somewhat able to join us in. They were highly amused at our rendition of Father Abraham! Stephen was then able to share the gospel, which was translated by Tyae, one of the staff members.

Later in the afternoon, we all had the opportunity to sit down with the Onesimus’ staff members and take time to fellowship together and hear prayer requests from each individual and Onesimus as a whole.  We took turns singing praise songs in both Amharic and English. Hearing their beautiful voices and seeing their passion for Christ was breathtaking!

A few of the common prayer requests:

*Pray for effectiveness in ministry and seeing the glory of God in their work and in the lives of the street children they work with.

*Pray for family members many of which are lost, others are sick and others far away.

*Pray for spiritual and physical change for the children.

If you are interested in a more specific list feel free to contact us when we get home.

Some specific prayer requests:

*Pray for the Onesimus organization and for next steps in their vision and seeking God’s will for how to expand their ministry.

*Pray for financial and human resources are a priority. They are hoping to plant a church as well as open an orphanage in the future as God provides and leads. They are also seeking immediate provision for an office space and new home for the halfway house boys.

*Pray for staff members, that they would be fully committed and would have patience working with the children in what can sometimes be very difficult situations.

After spending some time in prayer, we had a little more time to spend with the staff and children before heading home for the night. It was a great day of serving!

Written by Lauren Maddox and Latricia Reichman


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