Ethiopia, Day 3 – May 2012

25 May

We began today by going to Onesimus to pick up Tyae and we dropped off some supplies for the children to use for future activities.  We then went to Korah and met with their pastor and many other staff members of the church at Korah to pray and encourage them by way of the gospel.  In it’s beginning, Korah was a place where the people of Ethiopia would send the lepers and other unwanted people groups.  Now it is a community where poverty reigns.  There is no water in Korah and most of the people live and work in the dump.  Most people also go to the dump to search for food and things to sell.

The prayer coordinator explained to us that the church at Korah had started as a prayer group at a small house and were praying that God would expand their hopes that had been placed in their hearts to start an organization to help the children of Korah.  The church of Korah’s goal is to practice wholistic ministry with the people who come to the church.  The three main prayer requests the pastor and staff have are:

*Pray that the suffering and poverty would end in Korah and the community would change in its character to better glorify God.

*Pray that God would provide a way for the church of Korah to purchase their own land, because right now they are renting property and the land owner has raised their rent several times.

*Pray that local churches would partner with the church at Korah in order to support each other and provide wholistic ministry opportunities for the community.

At the end of our time together we prayed for their requests to be granted according to God’s will.  We were also encouraged by their hope and their perseverance even through persecution to serve the children at Korah.

After lunch we went to Mt. Entoto, the highest mountain in Addis.  The majesty of God’s
work was displayed again when we reached the top of the mountain and viewed all of Addis Ababa.  From there we went to the museum near the top of the mountain that contained the first church and palace of the first king of Ethiopia.  We wrapped up the evening by driving through downtown Addis where the mega market of Addis is located.  There were a lot of people and cars going every direction and we are very thankful for the driver that maneuvered us safely through the madness.

Some things we learned today are that street signs are merely suggestions. Spelling is up to interpretation and the best way to spend long car rides in Addis is by figuring out ways to incorporate Paul’s name into words (such as: eyepaul, apaulogize, pineapaul, paulitics, etc).

We continue to be in awe of how God is moving here in Addis and feel so blessed to be called to serve Him here with all of the people He has put in our lives to learn from and share the gospel with.

Written by Paul Ussery & Carley Tisdale


One response to “Ethiopia, Day 3 – May 2012

  1. Kim Tisdale

    May 25, 2012 at 10:05 pm

    We will lift the people of Korah up that God will hear and answer their prayers. We will pray that they will continue to keep their hope alive and that resources will come available for the church to serve the people. We are continuing to pray for the team. I know that your hearts are breaking for the people of Korah and Addis. Stay safe and thank you for the updates. You are the Apaul of my eye.


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