Deserts of Africa – June 2012

20 Jun

Leaving 99 to find 1…

Today was the third full day in the desert visiting village after village. I think it’s safe to say that we as a team
are exhausted but are continually given strength to continue only through the Lord. Today we were really getting familiar with the customs, people and routine of the trip. As we approached each village, we all stepped into our roles and began working and visiting with the people. We began to pack up at one of the last villages of the day when I realized that we only had one more for the day which would mean our trip was about to end. Mentally, I began to shut down and let my mind meditate on how tired I had become. On the ride to the last village of the day, I started reflecting on the trip and how the Lord worked through each of us to plant seeds of the gospel.

We finally arrived and what was in front of us was the poorest village that we had encountered. Houses were made from concrete blocks, car parts, and anything else they could find. The first person who greeted the team was an elderly lady asking us for food. This just took the trip a step deeper. Here we were four hours from the city, up in the Desert Mountains, and had no connection with the outside world. This put in perspective the term “to the ends of the earth”.  I remember getting a burst of energy and seeing how important it was for us to be willing to let God work through us to show them the gospel. Mr. J, Karen, and I left to go visit a few houses. Mr. J briefed us on the situation of the last lady who we were going to visit. She had been turning to Mr. J to pray for her for several years that she would be able to have a child. We walked past the men gathered outside and went directly inside to meet with her. We had a brief moment of small talk, but then began praying for her. After our prayer, we were able to share the gospel and our testimonies with her. She had several questions and Mr. J was able to lead her through a prayer to follow Christ. She finally saw Jesus as her Lord and Savior. She was filled with emotion as we gave her long hugs and said goodnight.

Our team’s motto for the week has been to “persevere”.  Through us relying on the Lord to persevere through the heat and difficult times, Jesus and the heavens were able to celebrate one finding her way home. I request that you all join our team in continually praying for this lady and her walk with the Lord. She is the only known person in all the villages we visited that follows Christ. Glory be to God in the Highest!

Written by Tiffany Shumpert


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