Boulder, Day 1 – July 2012

01 Jul

“Hold the line.”

His voice trembled with conviction as he repeated,

Hold. the. line.

On Sunday—our first full day in Boulder—the Well’s worship pastor Seth Dady brought the Word before us, and I mean he brought it. His text came from Ephesians and his fire came from the Lord. He wept as he charged the church to don the armor of God and fight sin, and I wept as I listened. He spoke of the gravity of the battle being fought around us and urged us to take part. It was the perfect message for us as we began our week in Boulder.

The Well‘s passion for the Word and for Boulder reveal the presence of God with them. I was glad to be with them, and I was even more glad that we were able to serve them. We arrived at their meeting place early to help them unload and set up, and some of our team members assisted with watching kids during the service. Even though their attendance is down for the summer, they had a record number of kids present! It was such an encouraging sign of the spreading of light in this dark city.

After church and lunch, we all headed to a park in the middle of town to play in the creek and fellowship with the city and one another. It was a great opportunity for those on our team who are new to Boulder to see and sense her personality. The highlight of the afternoon was undoubtedly our Ultimate Frisbee game (which is pretty much the highlight of any afternoon, right?). We played in the middle of the park, so people stopped to watch us, and six people joined in our game. As we explained why we were there and prayed with them afterward, we discovered that one of the young men was actually a believer! The others welcomed the prayer and seemed both surprised and pleased by our presence and welcoming spirit toward them. Never underestimate our God, because He can (and did!) use something as simple as Ultimate Frisbee to make an impact for His name’s sake. Yet even there, at a park on a sunny afternoon, there were signs all around of Satan’s grip on Boulder.

Late Sunday night, I heard a story that God marvelously wove together with Seth’s sermon on Ephesians 6, opening my eyes to the frightening, profound reality of spiritual warfare. We’re in a bloody, dark, sickening clash of a battle against our great Enemy, yet most of us wander around oblivious and foolish, seeking our own pleasure. We have failed to hold the line. Though Christ has won the war for eternity, it will take us daily strapping on the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shoes of a ready gospel, the shield of faith, the helmet of God’s salvation, the dangerous sword of the Spirit, and fiercely fervent prayer to charge the gates of hell and win.

That is the task of every follower of Christ in Boulder—charging the gates of hell. Satan’s deception lounges comfortably on the shelves of every store on Pearl Street, within the walls of nearly all the so called churches here, and in the hearts and minds of all this city’s people. He has this city right where he wants her, where Jesus is just another choice among the gods, if He should suit your fancy. Boulder hangs as as a glittering jewel around the neck of our Enemy; we are here to steal it from him so that it may adorn the crown of Christ.

Pray for us as we battle for this place in prayer and send forth arrows of the gospel at every opportunity. Pray for boldness, pray for protection, pray for divine appointments. Pray for the Well, that it would flourish under the guidance of the Spirit. Pray that strongholds of the powers of darkness, such as the Shambhala Meditation Center, would burn to the ground and never rise again. Pray that this city would become a beacon of the Light in our nation.

“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has the light shined.” ~ Isaiah 9:2

Emalie Spann


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