Boulder – March 2013

20 Mar

horizons_logoAs we were praying for Boulder the other night, I began to think about Abraham as he was pleading for Lot.  He asked God to save the city for the sake of the righteous, and that is how I feel sometimes about Boulder.  Everywhere you look it is so easy to see the worldly lifestyle, but there are still bright spots of those laboring for Christ.  There are people here who are laboring for the gospel and seeing fruit, such as Horizons International.  The people we met at Horizons were absolutely on fire for Christ and were working with International students from countries that are deeply opposed to the Gospel (i.e.  – Saudi Arabia and China).  They are taking advantage of the oppurtunities God has given them and leveraging them to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.  There are so many other ministries just like them.flatironssunset-300x225  While there may not be as many Christians as in Arkansas, the believers that are here are on fire for the Lord.  They know that it is not easy, but they are continuing to seek new ways to reach the city.  So while there are so many reasons to give up on this city, there are still lights shining out of this city, and they are not being intimidated by the darkess that is surrounding them.

Written by Jonathan Benson

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Posted by on March 20, 2013 in Boulder, General Missions, Judea


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