Ethiopia – May 2013

23 May

This trip has been great. We’ve been privileged to work with the street kids these past couple of days. Thephoto director of the mission here told us that there are an estimated 60,000 kids that live on the street in Addis alone. These kids are runaways, abandoned, or orphaned. Their clothes are ragged, literally worn out. They don’t get to practice good hygiene. At minimum they have skin disorders or infections. They are hungry for food, but more importantly they are hungry for love.

This trip has been full of new experiences. I’ve gotten to see new things, learn a small amount of a different language, hear new music and taste new foods. We get to play games and sports with the children, and I’ve learned that a soccer ball is a universal language. By far the best part of coming to Ethiopia, however, has been teaching the story of Jesus Christ to these kids. Getting to look into Simyu’s eyes, Mameut’s eyes, Taresa’s eyes and hugging these outcasts in their soiled clothes and showing them that they’re worth loving in spite of their circumstance and status is truly the only memory I want to walk away from this trip with.

Written by Stephen Gilstrap


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