Ethiopia – May 2013

23 May

My first view of Ethiopia was from the airplane.  As I looked out the window and saw the country that I had dreamed about for months, I was overwhelmed.  For years I have had a desire to go to Africa, and when the plane landed, I was finally there.  God has abundantly showed His faithfulness and ability to provide in the journey up to this trip, and I cannot wait to see how He continues to show Himself now that I am finally here.

The drive from the airport was eye-opening.  I have never seen anything like it.  Like many countries, there are no rules of the road.  Cars just weave in between each other, making a four-way intersection like a Tetris game.  Then, there are people walking across the street and between the cars.  And on top of that there are goats just wandering around.  I don’t think I will ever get used to the sight of animals walking next to me.  But, nobody gets hurt and everyone is nice to each other; its amazing.

971229_1932749671440_495430928_nToday (May 22), was our first day with the street children.  We are doing a VBS-type thing with Bible stories, songs, crafts, and games.  It was so much fun to interact with the children and love on them.  We had about 10 boys from the ages of 12-16.  Watching a 16 year old be overjoyed at the sight of bubbles is one of the best things ever.  They love soccer and games, and they have the ability to enjoy even the little things like splashing water on each other after they wash their hands.

Our group has really enjoyed getting to know each other and work together.  We are studying Romans 8 as a group and I am really excited to get to meditate on that as we go through this week.  It would be really cool if you could read it as well and pray it over our group.  Pray that our minds will be set on the Spirit and not on the flesh.  Also pray for the kids that we are loving on.  It is so encouraging to read in Romans 8 about being adopted into God’s family, and not having to be slaves to sin anymore or condemned to eternal punishment, but it is heartbreaking to see these kids and know that many of them are not a part of that family and the happiness we see in them is not permanent unless they surrender to Christ.   So the most important thing you can be praying for is for their hearts to be changed.  Thank you so much for your continued support, we could not be doing this without it.  God is good.

Written by Samantha Burgess


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