Colombia – May 2013

06 Jun

“We will abandon it all, for the sake of the call …” these song lyrics rang in my mind numerous times as we hadIMG_20120824_193928 various opportunities to encourage and exhort believers with the Gospel message in Colombia.

Across the span of one week James Vaughn and myself, along with Scott Ward and Peter Davis (of Grand Avenue Baptist in Fort Smith) traveled throughout four countries (Colombia, Brazil, Peru & the U.S.). We had the opportunity to encourage the missionary team that is serving along the Amazon River, as we walked through Philippians 1 in a prayer retreat.  As we looked at Paul abandoning it all for the sake of the call, I was reminded of this team who have left comforts of family, friends and the familiarity of the United States to take the Gospel to the unreached of Colombia. We looked at what it means to go forth with the Gospel even in the midst of adversity and what it means to strive side by side for the sake of the Gospel, even if that means suffering.

  • Pray for this team, as they finish up this final month on the field before coming back for stateside assignment:
  • Pray for good closure in their time among the peoples they work among.
  • Pray for vision as they explore new opportunities as they return to the field in 2014.
  • Pray for rest and a time of rejuvenation in their stay stateside.

IMG_6226The idea of abandonment also was observed, as we had the opportunity to story in the Amazon jungle with a man and his family of an unreached people group (who are primarily located in the central part of the country).  We shared the story of the creation of the spirit world and the creation of the earth.  The father was then able to share the story with his family in their heart language and have them repeat it back to him.  We were able to share in a meal and a time of prayer of commissioning, as we sent this father and his son out to take the Gospel to their people, most of whom have never heard the name of Jesus.  He is counting the cost and leaving his family for six weeks, as he desires to see the Gospel made known among his very own.

  • Pray for protection and provision for this father and son, both physically and spiritually.
  • Pray that they may be able to proclaim the Gospel with great boldness.
  • Pray for opened eyes, ears and hearts of this unreached people to receive the truths of the Gospel message.

Our final days on this trip were spent in a village down the Amazon River where some from the team have beenIMG_6270 working over the last year.  We heard the testimonies of a few of the believers who have been called out by God and willing to abandon all, living out their faith before their village.  As you can imagine, these guys are being persecuted by their own family and friends for their faith, but yet want to live out a faithful testimony so that the Gospel can be clearly seen and savored in this village.

  • Pray for these three to four believers, that they will have great influence with the Gospel among their family and friends.
  • Pray for continued growth as they walk in faithful discipleship to Christ and His commands.

This is going to be an exciting partnership for UBC in the years ahead, as we help further the reach of the Gospel among the unreached and unengaged of Colombia. We will also have an incredible opportunity to see children loved on and cared for at La Aljaba Children’s Home. Many of these kids come from dire situations and need to see Christ’s love expressed through our lives.

Written by Ryan Martin


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