Carley & Samantha in Ethiopia – June 2013

09 Jun


We’ve had a great rest of the week!  On Friday we reviewed all we’ve learned so far (Genesis 1-13) and it was awesome to see how much many of the boys are soaking up. They also pointed out the consistency of God’s character in the Bible.  They’re learning that God is eternal, kind, just to punish sin, powerful and that He demands obedience.  After that we asked them what prayer requests they had and it was a very sobering and humbling experience for both of us.

Boys Prayer Requests:

Most every boy asked that we would pray that they would be able to be reintegrated with their families and that they would be able to stay off the streets.

Abel asked that God would protect him and his friends on the streetpicture1

Muhammed prayed that God would save his family

Lanadis prayed that he would find his family and be able to live with them

Ilove asked us to pray that he would change his life and come to know God

We also asked them what blessings they saw in their lives and here are a few:

Water/Food to eat

Safety on the streets

Good health

Air to breathe

pictureIt was such a sweet time.  Friday after we finished at the drop in center we decided to try out taking a taxi bus to get home with our friend Uti.  It was quite the experience. They cram 18+ people into 9 passenger vans…..and trying to get in one or off of one is a battle.  It was cool to see how most people in Addis travel daily…but we will not be making it a regular occurrence.

Saturday we met up with Rachel Southard (who goes to UBC) and hung out with her and the missionary family she is staying with in Addis.  It was really nice to be around a family for a change.  We met their kids and had a good lunch…and then….WE SAW A MONKEY!!!!  It was in the family’s back yard and ended up coming up onto the porch to eat some of the kid’s play-doh.  We are now officially in Africa.  We went to have ice cream at Kaldi’s (which was so good) and then we went to a mall and Sam bought a pair of jeans (because she didn’t bring any…) and they hemmed them for free!  We finished up the day eating at Sishu (the best burger place where we are regulars).

Today (Sunday, 6/9/13) we went to IEC for the second time and it was just as wonderful as last week.  Theirpicture3 sermon series is called “ACTS: The Church on the Move” and it is really good so far.  Today Pastor Jerry Shannon spoke on Acts 4 and how the church should keep moving forward in the midst of opposition.  It was really encouraging.  The rest of the day has been calm and we feel ready to take on the week.  We’ll be pairing up with a larger team from Memphis this week, but are looking forward to possibly being able to take some time to talk with our 14 boys individually about where they are spiritually.  Please pray that this time will be a blessing to the boys and will be a step closer to them coming to know Christ.

We are currently writing this without internet…but hopefully you’ll get it soon.  We miss you all very much and are encouraged and thankful for your continued prayers and support.


Written by Carley Tisdale and Samantha Burgess


One response to “Carley & Samantha in Ethiopia – June 2013

  1. Connie Brooks

    June 9, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    What a treat to share in your trip by reading your blog and seeing the photos. We are praying for you!


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