Carley & Samantha in Ethiopia – June 2013

18 Jun

pictureSalamno Y’all!

It’s been nine days since our last post (oops!).  Time flies fast around here.  Last week a bigger team from Memphis was here working with the kids at Onesimus.  The staff brought in a lot of safe project kids (these are kids who Nega and the staff know are at risk of ending up on the street) in addition to our normal drop-in center boys.  It was refreshing to have different faces in the guest house and be able to fellowship with them and come alongside them as they taught during the week.  We were also able to connect one on one with Aylobe (Ilove from the last post, but now we know how to spell his name).  We talked with him about his family and about where he was spiritually.  It was a sweet time to get to know his heart and hear some areas where he had been struggling.  We prayed with him and spent some time talking through the Gospel.  We ended the week at a missionary family’s compound playing games and hanging out with the kids, Onesimus staff and the Memphis team.

This past Saturday we were tourists.  We went to watch the Onesimus staff play soccer and also were able to watch most of the Onesimus kid’s soccer game.  THEY WON!!! WOO!!! After that we discovered a new place to eat called Cupcake Delights….it was definitely a taste of home.  We also saw a 3D movie (“Epic”) which was pretty cool.  It felt weird to be watching a movie in a movie theater in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Also, audience etiquette is very poor here compared to America but that’s okay. We ended the day with ice cream and a chance to talk to our families.  Although the day doesn’t seem super productive, we were able to recharge and fellowship with another missionary staying in the guest house and our awesome driver and friend, Yosi.

Sunday at IEC was wonderful as usual.  The sermon was very convicting for us and has been resonating in our quiet times and prayer life since.  Sunday afternoon we sat down together and planned the lesson for Monday and then had a moment where God revealed to us that we needed to be communicating more than we had been.  We shared our testimonies with each other and debriefed about how we had been feeling about the weeks that had passed as well our future time here and when we go home.  It was good to be transparent and get closer to each other.  Sunday night was also a night of madness amongst madness as we got our first taste of Ethiopian passion when it comes to soccer.  Ethiopia won their soccer match against South Africa, winning the African Cup….which is the first time that has happened in 75 years!!  We had made plans to go to dinner with our new friend Deirdre from Ireland who is in the process of adopting an Ethiopian baby girl.  In true adventurous spirit we decided to embark on the streets of Ethiopia, despite the madness that was ensuing on the streets that rang through the guest house!  There were mobs of people running in the streets, jumping onto cars and moving busses with people all over the top of them…and the federal police just had to sit there and watch.  We had a great dinner and goodbye with Deirdre as she headed off to the airport to go home.

Yesterday (6/16/13) we got back to our normal schedule of teaching and it was great to be able to pick up where we left off with the boys.  The New Heights team from Fayetteville, AR is also here and last night we were able to spend some time talking about how they would come alongside us with Onesimus this week.  We also spent some time worshipping, praying, eating and drinking coffee together.  We are really excited about what this week has in store with such a great group of people willing to do whatever is needed to help these boys and staff at Onesimus.

We have some new prayer requests to add to the old and are thankful for you praying through these with us:

There are a few boys who have left the drop-in center (Tmesgan, Tmesgan (yes, there are two), Frans and Sintayu).  Please pray that they are safe and that God would lead them back to Onesimus.

Deirdre, our friend from Ireland, and her adoption.

The medical clinic on Thursday and Friday of this week (sponsored by New Heights).  That the team of doctors would be able to help a lot of people and that there will be opportunities to share the Gospel.

Today marks 16 days left here on the ground in Addis.  We are ever thankful for the prayers, support and encouragement from you all and can’t wait to share our experiences and hear about yours when we come home.

Written by Carley & Samantha


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