Carley & Samantha in Ethiopia – June 2013

26 Jun

1005408_1956348981408_3247646_nSalamno Again!

Last week was one of the best weeks yet!  The New Heights team was here with us and it was great to have them on board at Onesimus.  Thank you for praying about our boys who had gone missing, two of them are back!  Also, thank you for praying about the medical clinic.  It went great!  They helped about 500 beneficiaries of Onesimus on Thursday and Friday.  We all played different roles during the clinic to help out…some of the things we did were wash the hair of some of the kids, prayed with kids after they saw the doctor, got to sit in while the doctor examined the kids and got to help pass out medicine at the pharmacy.  We were also able to teach our boys like we usually do, which was a huge blessing.  We took a break from our normal Children Desiring God lessons and went in depth with the 10 Truths of the Gospel.  That was really beneficial because some of the boys who profess Christ didn’t know the full truth of the Gospel.  The kids were really attentive and asked quite a few questions.

On Saturday we went to Debra Zeit (about an hour away from Addis) with Yosi and our new friend Toni from996729_1956344061285_2094986673_n Germany who will be working with Onesimus for the next 3-7 months.  We had a great lunch and spent some time kayaking on the lake which was really neat.  Church on Sunday was awesome (as usual) and we ate dinner with some of the ladies on staff here at the guest house.  It was good to fellowship with them and get to know them better.  They are such sweet people.  We also met a couple from Rogers who are adopting!  Small world!  There are also a few other new guests from the UK, Norway and Wisconsin.  It’s great to be here and be able to meet new people who show us more ways that God is working here in Ethiopia.  It’s also fun to have 5 different languages being spoken in the house J

This week started out a little hectic.  It’s been more difficult to keep the boys attention while teaching, but we are hopeful that will get back to normal soon.  We’re trusting in God that His word will not go out void, even when we can’t see He’s working in these boys’ hearts.  Another difficulty we’re facing this week is that Carley has not been feeling well since Friday.  She is going to take a parasite pill to try to knock it out!

It’s so strange to think that we only have six days left of teaching at Onesimus and eight days left here on the ground.  The time here has flown by and the process has been so incredible.  As you can probably tell from these blog posts, it’s very difficult to put into words all that we’re feeling.

181224_1950648478899_1686368104_nPrayer Requests:

Pray that the 10 truths would give the boys a better understanding of the Gospel and would begin to change their hearts.

Pray that Gtaye, the director of bible study at Onesimus, would be able to not only reach the street kids of Addis but also the “aged” people as he refers to them.  Pray that his ministry would be fruitful and that God would use him to bring others to Himself.  Also, please pray that as we sit and teach him how to go through the curriculum with the boys that he will be able to understand it and be able to implement it when we leave.

Pray that our boys would be protected on the streets.  Especially in the rainy season as it gets cold, that they would find good places to sleep.

Pray for Carley’s health and that it will be restored.

Thank you for your continued support and prayer.  We will see you all in a little over a week!

In Christ,

Carley and Samantha


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