Courtney & Sydney in India

05 Jul
1013788_2432964505516_1789853647_nHey all!
Thanks for your prayers! We touched down several hours ago in Delhi, and made it to our nice, air-conditioned hotel at about 3:30am here. It is now 6:11pm and we are ready to go back to bed! Even though we slept till 1:30pm, I still don’t think we’re quite used to the time change.

Praise the Lord that:

a.) all of our bags made it
b.) the taxi driver actually took us to our hotel even though he had never heard of the hotel, and we couldn’t understand what he was telling us.
c.) that we tipped people the right amount of rupees
d.) that they still let us exit the airport even though one of us lost our customs slip!
e.) that we got tons of sleeeeep in a nice air conditioned hotel!
f.) we have plenty of water and snacks
g.) we’re not alone in this place – God is with us!
Wow. It’s been a long ride, but we’re thankful we get to rest here for another night and then take our last leg to Bhubaneswar tomorrow morning (the 6th).
Love you guys so much! Please keep praying. It’s a whole new world, but He’s directing our steps no matter where we go.
We’re about to to update the blog at too so you can follow us through that too 🙂
Written by Sydney Duerr

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