Courtney & Sydney in India – July 2013

27 Jul

Hey Friends and Family,

Yesterday, we officially left Happy Valley (the place we have been most of this month) to head back to the city. It was a very emotional time of leaving so many brothers and sisters there that we have come to see as family. Later on, we were talking about it and I just don’t think I ever realized the impact that us being there had upon many lives. All the more, we are praising God for His grace in our lives as it is nothing in us that encouraged them so, apart from Christ.

It is crazy to be back in Bhubaneswar so soon, as we feel like the month flew by and yet also like we have been here forever, as we just love the people like we have in fact known them forever. We are so thankful for our Indian family! God has been faithful through it all, and we are excited to share testimony of all that He has done through this month as we return and talk with all of you once again!

Both Syd and I are praying for God to show us what is next, in terms of our future and how India fits into it. It seems God has positioned both of us to return to the US for a season, anyhow. I will begin working on raising the funds for LifeChange and am praying about working for them part-time. Syd is headed to Virginia to see what God has for her there, and will also help with LifeChange as she can. Both of us are talking about returning to India, soon, and plan to seek further wisdom in this as the emotions fade and we seek the Lord.

Please continue to pray for us in our transition back and in wisdom for what is next as we learn to trust the Lord to show us in His timing.

Tomorrow, we fly to Delhi and spend two days there before we are America-bound on Tuesday.

Pray for our Indian “mom “ and “dad” as we will say goodbye to mom tomorrow at the airport here in Bhubaneswar and then goodbye to dad later in the day when we arrive to Delhi. Pray for the God of peace to comfort mom’s heart and for her to have vision for all that God is doing and to praise and hope in Him alone.

We are so thankful for this month here, for our Indian family, and to see testimony of what God is doing in India through LifeChange International. We are thankful to each of you for supporting us and praying for us through this journey and look forward to seeing what He has next!

By His Grace, Courtney and Sydney


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