Colombia, Day 5 – September 2013

06 Sep

It is Thursday Night at 6:15.  Lucy, Jeff, Jeremy, and I are sitting in a small wooden church building in a remotetabatinga area of Tabatinga, Brazil, with 60 of our new Brazilian friends.  We just had an awesome rainstorm cooling things off, and I watched a beautiful Amazon sunset outside the church with about 20 Brazilian kids on the muddy streets in front of the church.  I have been playing with the kids using my best Portuguese, and they laughed at the strange gringo.

We are working a dental clinic at the request of a local pastor who approached Lucy when he heard that a dentist was coming to town.  When we arrived at the church, we honestly did not expect much.  For various reasons, Lucy had informed us that Jeff couldn’t pull teeth.  However, upon arrival, a crowd was waiting on us.  The Pastor immediately told us of the great need for a dentist.  From brave 4 year olds to 60 year olds, the guys have been going non-stop since about 3PM.  I am in awe of them taking patients one by one, with most needing teeth extracted due to cavities or infection.  They are working in a tight corner of the wooden shack, with Brazilians crowded all around.  I just heard Jeremy tell Lucy, we are “blessed to be a blessing.  We will keep taking people as long as the Lord sends them.”  Very cool.

airplaneWhile the guys are doing the dental work, Jacob, a 14 year old from La Aljaba, and I set up a projector and are playing the Jesus film for the 60 people packed in this church.  I told Lucy that Jesus has calmed the room, as people are quietly watching the film of our Savior.

This has been another great day in the Amazon.  Tomorrow, we are meeting Bill Egbert and his wife for lunch and hanging out with them until our flight to Bogota.  The Egbert’s work with Travis and Beth Burkhalter ministering to indigenous tribes on the Amazon River.  We look forward to hanging out with them tomorrow.

We start the journey home late afternoon tomorrow.  Our flight to Bogota leaves at 6:30 PM.  After an overnight, we leave back to the US at 7:50AM.

Keep us in your prayers.


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