Deserts of Africa – Jan./Feb. 2014: Day 2

29 Jan

UntitledWow what a day! I started off the day doing my quiet time atop a beautiful mountain It is really easy to God’s creation out here. We rode camels to the next village and today’s ride was a very long trek. Our group spent time in a village and shared there over lunch and tea. I got to experience sharing with Ryan, Liz and Jan, which was really cool. There was a man that listened to what we had to say which is rare. Pray that he will hear the whole Gospel, and that he will see his need for a Savior.

After lunch and a time of sharing we went to the next village which is the home of the first B believer. You can tell this village is different as they are open here to hear. Some of the guys got the opportunity to have tea with the husband of Mrs. A, who is the first believer. I did not know this at the time but I got the chance to see Mrs. A, while we were having tea. I could tell someone was different about her, her eyes weren’t sad like the others. You could tell she had joy!  We were also able to hear about another lady who has come to faith in Christ, her name is Mrs. F.

For dinner I got to try lamb for the first time and it was amazing! The stars here are so bright and beautiful. and is something you don’t get to see back home. The ladies stayed out late and got to share stories tonight. God is moving here. Pray that the peoples’ hearts would be softened and accept the love of Christ.

Written by Chad


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