Deserts of Africa – Jan./Feb. 2014: Day 4

31 Jan

I am writing this while listening to the waves crashing against the rocks on the Sea at night time.

20140130_231308Today started off with Liz and I hiking to the top of another mountain after we camped overnight at Mr. R’s camp site in the Wilderness. One of the themes of the trip for me has been remembering all the Lord has done and not forgetting or relenting to tell the generations about them. So each morning while looking out over creation, I have read Psalm 78. I know this passage has also become important to many of us on this trip because we are where the Lord has done many great things throughout history. As I meditated over these verses this morning, I was thinking about how the purpose of this trip is to tell people about Jesus and ask the Holy Spirit to redeem lives. But it also about simply living in worship of God.

Aside from what I have been impacted by in Psalm 78, today was mainly a touring/traveling day. Mr. R (our B
tour guide continued his servanthood all day. Mr. J and his team left this morning, so we got to spend good quality time with Mr. R. We had falafels for lunch in a small restaurant in a city and at night Mr. R took us to a national park on the Sea where he had a private camp set up for us. He allowed us to snorkle and see the beautiful coral reef and then watch the sun set over the sand and the Sea. It was a very special night and to top it off — Mr. R bought fish for dinner, we had a debrief meeting with him, and he then asked us each to find a spot along the Sea by ourselves to sleep and admire the stars and God’s Creation. This was all incredible and it was a great spiritually and physically replenishing day beforeIMG_6562 we begin the 2nd half of the trip.

Lastly, to elaborate on the debrief meeting with Mr. R, he opened up to us and asked each of us to tell him our favorite parts of the five day tour, as well as what he could improve upon. He truly loves what he does and he values critical input. It was a very special last night we had with him. We connected very much with Mr. R from start to finish and we want to see him know Jesus. We all care about him a lot and will definitely miss him and pray for him. I would recommend his touring business to ANYONE!

Written by Brandon


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