Deserts of Africa – Jan./Feb. 2014: Day 7

03 Feb

We divided into three cars and began our day with a prayer drive in the B neighborhoods.  We prayed for ourEgypt 2014 436 partners to build friendships with the people who live there, praying for the people to know and believe Jesus as their Savior and not just a prophet. We also for the next generation to rise up and proclaim the gospel to their people….

The Lord gave us an opportunity on our prayer drive to jump out along the dirt road and say hello to a lady watching her sheep.  This was the second time our partners had seen her sitting in this same spot.  She had a warm smile that beamed happiness.  As we stopped, her husband, son and a grandchild come to greet us.  Guess what her name was…Mrs. Happy.  Immediately, they invited us to their home for che (tea), but we were on a schedule and had to decline.  Our partners and this family exchanged phone numbers and made a plan to visit the following day.  Be praying for Mrs. Happy & her family to believe that Jesus is their Savior and truly know the happiness that comes from following Him. Pray for our partners as they meet and build a relationship with the “Happy” family that the Lord will lead them with gentleness and boldness, as a Shepherd cares for his sheep.

We regrouped and consolidated into two cars and headed to a tourist site of a war memorial.  We didIMG_6627 not get through the security check point on our own.  Instead, we were escorted my armed tourist police with sirens.  One police car led in the front and one followed in the rear.   When we arrived the B caretaker of the war memorial greeted us to allow us into the building.  Truly we all thought that the police would stay at their vehicles, but that was not the case.  They followed us in with their weapons on shoulder and allowed us to enjoy the museum.  So what began as a tip toe event changed dramatically with our college guys breaking the ice with the police.  The next thing we know the armed police wanted their photo taken with our college guys.  We had been instructed not to take photos of police, military, government buildings, etc., but somehow the Lord blessed us with a good rapport with the police.  Maybe they thought we were some famous Americans?!

Back to the significance of the museum and war memorial, this site is a battleground and now a memorial for Italians & Germans who lost their lives during World War II.  Here in a land who has turned from Christ, is a memorial with Christian symbolism.  A Jesus figure hangs on the wall and the entry mural uses imagery from the Bible.  When we asked what the imagery meant the B caretaker, in a befuddled way, shares what little he knows.

The B caretaker & his family had lunch prepared for us to eat in their home, where we finally had some time away from our police chaperones.  The men & women ate separately in the home.

We were a little rushed, but our time proved to be well spent.  The ladies were able to engage in conversation with a B woman by showing pictures from my phone.  We came across a photo of my kids’ school Christmas party.  The B woman asked, “What is Christmas?”  Jan shared with her the true story of Christmas and the birth of Jesus.  Nearing the end of the story we were interrupted to leave, as the police were ready.  Our partners exchanged phone numbers with the lady and they will be meeting again soon.  Praise the Lord!

During our escorted drive home, I couldn’t help but think what an opportunity the Lord has blessed our partners with the family who lives on the memorial grounds – a site that has Christian symbolism for the public to view.  This site could be used to spread the gospel in an inconspicuous way.  I pray that the memorial caretaker, his family and those who travel to the site will be hit with the Gospel message.

image020Some of the men on our team stopped back by the lighthouse on the way home.  Mark wanted to leave his duck call with the B man who lived nearby.  The B man received another message about Jesus through duck calling.  Every time you blow this duck call, I want you to think of Jesus, Mark told the man. The B man was happy to receive the duck call and quickly went into his home to find a gift for Mark.  Mark came home with a tea pot, tea glass and a 2006 Soccer trophy.  Mark’s prayer was answered, as he will have a constant reminder to pray for the duck men.

This was our last night before our 3am departure. We ended our stay with conversation worship, praise and goodbyes.  We can all truly say our lives have been changed and a piece of our heart is in Africa and a piece of Africa is in our heart.  Hallelujah!

“I want to follow you with all my heart I want to worship you God.

Bless the Lord all my soul and let all that’s with in me shout out, Shout out.

We have come to give you glory.

We have come to give you praise.

You’re welcome in this place….”

“Set a fire down in my soul that I can’t contain that I can’t control.

I want more of you God; I want more of you God.

There’s no place that I would rather be….”

Written by Liz


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