Boulder – March 2014

24 Mar

event_194365172The team made sandwiches in hopes of handing them out to homeless people on the street. I was paired with Jesse and we walked around for several hours and only handed out one sandwich. We couldn’t find anybody and the few we talked to didn’t want anything from us. We ended up stopping in a Starbucks just to hang out and drink some coffee. After doing so, we headed home just to turn in for the day. Right in front of our house was a guy in his mid-twenties pushing his bike up the sidewalk, so we decided to take one last shot at tossing a sandwich his way. He excitedly accepted and we told him he could have several if he wanted them. He told us that his friends would definitely want some and he lead us to a sketchy laundromat.

We went inside and met his three friends and gave them the rest of our food. We sat down and started talkingls about biking and Colorado with these guys and got to know their stories. They asked what we were about and we told them that we were there just to love on them like Jesus did to everyone. We listened to all of their opinions and views to see where they were coming from. One guy we met initially told us that he felt as if he could never outdo the bad that he had done in his life and that he was stuck in a hole that he could never get out of. I told him how the gospel is good news, and by faith alone can we get to Jesus, such that none of us can ever even get close to Him just by deeds. I explained to him about how we are no better than he is and I told him my testimony. It had some nasty parts to it that kind of hit home for him. We explained to him that the reason we are out was not to gain points for God but to share his good news. I have gained a purpose and a hope that I want these guys to get for themselves. We told him how glad we were to have met him and how God has a huge plan for his life. This guy was almost in tears.

This doesn’t even convey half of the emotion and power that we felt through this experience. This experience was not a forced one for us; it came naturally, and all of these guys listened and were interested in what we had to say. It was an emotional connection and we plan on hanging out with these guys for the rest of the week. These guys had no hope, felt no purpose and yet were excited to hear the good news.

Written by Riley Beirise

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Posted by on March 24, 2014 in Boulder, General Missions, Judea


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