Boulder – March 2014

27 Mar

RyanToday makes it five days since we have been on the Boulder Mission Trip. The Lord has kept the Boulder team unified and well! Today, the team got to spend some time with the Ryan Elementary School kids. The Ryan Elementary kids were very pleasant, as we assisted them with their Olympic Field Day. As we helped coordinate the Olympic Field Day, we got to exhibit the fruit of the Sprit of love, patience, kindness and gentleness. Glory be to God for a time well spent with the kids!

Moving on to the later part of the day, we came back to the house, and few of us rested for tonight’s worship service at Calvary Baptist Church. After we rested, we headed straight to the worship service where we broke up into groups with the people already there.  We spent time praying for: the government, non-believers we know, and gave God thanks for the Lords provisions He has provided in our lives. After our time of prayer, Riley got a chance to share how the gospel have been impacting the Boulder trip. Furthermore, Riley talked about how meeting the homeless guys and getting to minister had such a huge impact on our idea of ministry. “Something so cheap as sandwiches can make such a huge difference,” he said. “We can apply this to Fayetteville by all means and we don’t have to be off on a mission trip to buy things to make a sandwich.”

Following that, the service was concluded with a worship session. One of the beautiful songs we sang was “Jesus Paid it All.” Afterwards, we walked down the street to eat dinner from our house, but before we got to the restaurant, we saw the homeless guys we had dinner with one night before. One guy mentioned that he was going through a rough time so we prayed with him and invited him to dinner tomorrow night.

Thank God for a blessed day!

Written by Jesse Turner

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