Haiti – March 2014

27 Mar

They often say that you will get more out of a mission trip than you could ever give. Well this week is definitely proving this true. All week weimage-1 have been working on some small scale construction projects. This is nothing that the missionaries on the ground could not have accomplished, but the extra hands certainly helped. The beautiful thing today was that we got to see these small projects be exponentially multiplied. While our team was praying around the Outside the Bowl facilities (the food distribution ministry that we were working with this week) we began to get a crowd of people around us. They had noticed a lot of the projects, both as we were working on them and after they were finished. We asked them what their needs were and we discovered that most of them did not know Christ has their Lord and Savior. The local missionary began to evangelize through an interpreter. There was a massive move of God and there was around a dozen people that gave their lives to Christ today.

This points out something very important that gets lost both in the mission field and in our daily walks. We oftentimes want to be the hero or the one who gets all the credit. On the imagemission field we feel like we’re not making a difference if we’re not leading a revival. But today I was reminded that God often moves in the simple acts of obedience. Just like he did with the little boy’s lunch, God will take the small things we do for him and exponentially increase it. This leaves all the glory firmly on God and leaves us simply amazed at what He is able to do. This is what we have been learning throughout the week to simply be patient on wait for God.

Whether it be in frustration with travel, not feeling like we’re making a difference, or being hot and tired, we must simply rely on God and not grow restless. God is always there and He is ready to do incredible things through us, if we will simply be patient and follow His voice which will often come in a whisper not a mighty shout. It just seems that no matter how hard we work or how much we do, God just seems to keep leading us closer and closer to Him.

Written by Jonathan Benson


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Posted by on March 27, 2014 in General Missions, Haiti, Samaria


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