Haiti – March 2014

28 Mar

I write this post from the air as we fly to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and although it feels great to be going back to the States, I am going to missimage Haiti and the people more than I ever would have imagined.

One of my favorite parts of any mission trip, is getting to grow closer to the people on mission with you. Throughout the week we served with the Maxwell family, a family that lives in Siloam Springs. It has been a great pleasure to serve with these truly gracious people. They accepted us into the group and treated us like family. With our group consisting of two college students and myself (a high school student,) it was very nice to have a mother away from home! Also, it was great being able to serve alongside the Tugwell family. I am ever so grateful for the hospitality bestowed upon us during this short week.

There are three young men I particularly grew close to over the week: John, Guy-Robert, and Lewis. John and Guy are local Haitians that drove us everywhere and coordinated all of our travels. Lewis is Noel and Lori Tugwell’s adopted Haitian son. I spent the entire week with these three guys and they soon became three of my best friends. John and Guy are two of the funniest guys I have ever met. I loved every opportunity I had to talk with these guys. They gave me much knowledge of the beautiful country here and accepted me as a good friend. Lewis is very similar age to me so we naturally got along very well. I am so happy I was able to create a friendship with him. I enjoyed every moment I got to spend with him whether that be talking, playing soccer or basketball, or hanging out at the beach on the last day with him. I am going to miss these three close friends very much.

We have seen God work in so many different ways on this trip. I served with the street kids and orphans more as Jonathan and David served Outside the Bowl by building tables and benches for the hospital near the food kitchen. We didn’t get as many opportunities to share the gospel with the kids, we mainly just loved on and played games and sports with them, but we will continue to pray for the hundreds of thousands of kids in Port-Au Prince. At the kitchen, there were always young men (fathers, brothers, or sons) that would wait outside in courtyard area. These young men would always be curious of the work we were doing. On the last day serving, we had the opportunity to pray for and sing with the local kitchen staff. Seven of the guys in the courtyard heard us and came to talk to us after we finished with the staff. Noel Tugwell was able to share the gospel with them and then we prayed for the men. These seven young men came to Christ that day, glory to God! You could feel the spirit moving throughout that area and I pray that the spirit will continue to work in that area. On top of that, a church may have been planted right there in the courtyard. Noel believes one of the local men that comes around the hospital quite often could pastor the church there. God is doing some powerful work right in the midst of the Tugwells ministry and we will continue to pray for them. First, pray for the street kids and orphans and the rough conditions they live in, pray for the Tugwells as they serve thousands of families, pray for the seven young men that came to Christ on our last day, pray for the church plant to grow strong, pray for the pastor of the church plant to lead the people and have a gospel fluent church, and lastly, pray for the nation of Haiti as the gospel goes forth.

Traveling to Haiti for the first time was something I will never forget. It has been one of the best experiences of my life! I am very eager to travel back soon to see my new friends again and to serve the people of Haiti!

Written by Jeremy Mueller

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