Haiti – March 2014

28 Mar

otb_gh_portdepaix28We have begun our return home and should arrive in Tulsa around 7:15. We greatly appreciate all of your prayers and support for us this week and would ask that even after we return home you would continue to pray for the Tugwells and the work that they are doing in Haiti.

This week I have been exceptionally blessed and am extremely thankful for the opportunities I have had here in Haiti. Throughout the week, I have done activities ranging from cleaning kitchens and repairing roofs, to loving on orphans and playing on the beach. One of the experiences that I have enjoyed most, though, has been meeting and working alongside the Tugwells and Maxwells. Both of these families have been extremely kind and a joy to get to know over the course of our stay in Haiti. Being able to join together with other members of the body of Christ and work together to serve the LORD not only strengthens one’s relationship with the LORD, but also produces friendships and experiences that I will treasure for years to come.

Over the course of this week all of us serving in Haiti have been challenged physically, mentally, and spiritually, but we have also grownOldMainSouthTower561x575 much closer to God. Last night Jonathan, Jeremy, myself, the Maxwells met with each other to discuss various aspects of the trip and what we had learned. One thing everyone mentioned was that we have all grown attached to Haiti, but Haiti is not our primary mission field. Northwest Arkansas is our primary mission field and it is now time to take the things we have seen and learned in Haiti and use them to do God’s will during our everyday lives.

Through Haiti, God has shown me that there is so much more I need to be doing to serve him each and every day. I am very excited to return to my home and begin implementing the changes in my life that God has asked of me while I was in Haiti. Once again I thank everyone for their prayers and look forward to telling you about all I have experienced in Haiti and the wonderful work that God is doing there.

Written by David Jacobson

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