Colombia – May/June 2014

26 May

1016881_10154050822095019_1922523749_nI am living with the two guys I came down here with and a local Christian that ‘T’ (the missionary we are working with) led to Christ, his name is Riley. He is the cheif in his village and he is only 22 years old! He could use a lot of prayer because not only is he the chief, but he is one of two followers in his village. It has been good and encouraging to get to know him. He has been through a lot of persecution for his change in beliefs.

It seems as if the Lord has been blessing us so far with our relationships and no one on our team has been sick yet. Late last week we went out to a lake connected to the Amazon and saw a sloth swimming in the middle of it, which was pretty crazy. And we went swimming for a bit and caught some piranhas! Today we went to ‘T”s house and worked on building a sort of fort to stay out in. We also talked with a missionary that worked in Brazil for three years about  what true discipleship looks like and practical ways to live it out. It was pretty convicting for me.

This week will be the real test. We will be going out to Rily’s village in the jungle. We are planning on sharing some stories from the Word. There will be lots and lots of bugs and all kinds of spiritual warfare, so please be praying especially these next few days.

Thank you all and I am praying for you all as well.

Written by Paul Ussery


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