Colombia – May/June 2014

29 May

1779987_10153849879905019_70805595_nThe Lord is really moving down here in Colombia! We made it back from the villages in the jungle today. We spent most of the time sharing stories from the Bible with different people. It is really hard to put into words all that is going on. The first day we were out in the village, the chief (who was staying with us) wanted all the nearby believers to gather together at one time and share stories and encourage on another.  It was incredible to hear testimony from other believers in these villages.  We took a boat and went to each one’s house and picked them up. We eventually had all but one who was out fishing. There were four believers total from the neighboring villages. That might not seem like very many to us, but for all of them to be together is huge. We all sang songs and shared testimonies about what the Lord has done in our lives. It was very encouraging to see their faith.

One of the cultural experiences we’ve gotten to take part in is hunting cayman, which is an awesome experience! Cayman are alligators that live on and around the Amazon and their eyes glow red or white when you shine a light on them in the dark. I caught one with my bear hands! Although it was a small one, it was still cool. The next day guess what we had for breakfast. There aren’t many things as good as fried caymen.

After breakfast that day, we gathered some of the believers together again and went to a new village that ‘T’ had not been to before. We ended up having a revival service there in the village. Many people gave testimonies and we shared stories. One guy that used to traffic drugs just a few days before, seemed to have made a decision to follow the Lord! We also sang a few songs and prayed. Prayer has been a primary discipline for us on this trip and we have seen the Lord at work through the prayers of His people.

That same day we went to the village chief’s brother in law’s house because we had heard he wanted to repent and believe in the Lord. He had been beating his wife and has lived as an alcoholic. He seemed very sorrowful for what he had done. Both he and his wife prayed to receive the Lord and he apologized to those he had hurt. It was very moving. There are still more stories and awesome things that have happened that I look forward to sharing with you in person. Keep praying for us!

Written by Paul Ussery


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