Colombia – May/June 2014

17 Jun

Hello everyone and greetings once again from the Amazon!

We got back to Leticia Saturday night from the villages. It was an incredible week! There was a team of about 30 nurses and doctors that came down from Mississippi, through an organization called Medical Mission International (MMI) and a few people from the YWAM in Leticia. We were in a different village each day and we did small medical work. I mostly worked with the doctors and did a little translating with some help. Gabe mostly worked on cleaning hair and David helped out wherever they needed him. We also had an ongoing soccer tournament for the kids in the village we were staying at. It was set up like the World Cup and the teams were different countries. The kids and the adults loved it.

The second day was crazy. We were working in a village and we were about to leave when ‘T’ said there was a lady in a boat on the river that20140604-215813 showed up and she was about to give birth! We quickly rushed her into one of the houses and the doctors and nurses surrounded her. She gave birth to a baby girl! This was crazy and not expected at all. We also prayed for her and the baby. The craziest thing was she got back in the boat a short time later and went back to her village.

The night before the last night was when God really showed up! They asked me to preach a sermon the last night. I was humbled and excited. We prayed for a long time for the Lord to show up in the village and for Him to just speak through me the next night. The last night the medical team performed a skit on creation and Adam and Eve and then I spoke. I tied the skit into the Gospel and one of the ladies from Bogotá gave an invitation and two guys responded to the Gospel! We all surrounded them and prayed for them.

Please pray for these people as ‘T’ will go back and be discipling them and others. Continue to pray for the village leader, Riley, and his family.

Written by Paul Ussery


One response to “Colombia – May/June 2014

  1. Lucia

    June 17, 2014 at 8:07 pm

    An unexpected birth! haha it sounds really nerve-wrecking but also beautiful 🙂


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