Ellen Burns – IMB Journeyman, Mexico

01 Jul

Here are some pictures from Ellen Burns’ new home in Veracruz, Mexico, as she and her teammate Candace reach the ‘N People’ an unreached people group in Veracruz, Mexico.  As they reach this people group their aim is to see the Word of God translated into their native language.  Ellen’s journey can be followed at her blog – or through her Facebook page at .

UPDATE from her blog:

Hello friends! Well, we have officially survived our first two weeks in Mexico! It has been a bit chaotic, but things are finally settling down a bit.

Here is a summary of what I have done so far:

Traveling (and almost missing my connecting flight!). Visiting the Teotihuacan pyramids in Mexico City with a U.S. team that was visiting, working to get Bible stories into Mexican Sign Language. Traveling by bus from Mexico City to Puebla, where we then met up with another missionary couple who brought us our car. Then we drove from Puebla to Veracruz, where we checked into a hotel.

For the next three days we stayed in the hotel, and were given a tour of the city by a local believer. Finally, on day 7 in Mexico, we drove out to our village, only to discover that the house wasn’t quite ready to live in yet. So we drove to a nearby village where our teammates live, stayed the night with them, and then drove back to work on our house the next day.

We arrived to find that a water line had been left open, and half of the house was flooded. What an adventure! Thankfully nothing too important was damaged, (although one rug was soaked, and we had to take it outside to dry…and it’s the rainy season…). Unfortunately, most of my clothes were in a duffel bag on the floor, and the washer and dryer weren’t set up yet, so we got to make a makeshift clothesline to save them! Despite the flood, we were able to get everything livable enough, and we got to spend our first night in our new home 🙂

Since then we have just been unpacking a bunch of boxes of random things that were sent to us from a mission house that was just sold, so we found a lot of very interesting things that we are still trying to find a home for 🙂

We have been blessed with some wonderful neighbors here. Our house is right behind a little shop, and the owners of that shop have been so kind to us, answering all of our random questions and showing us around the village. They even invited us to their daughter’s birthday party on our second day here! We are so grateful to them for their help, and are praying that we have the opportunity to be witnesses to them over the next two years.

We are still learning what our lives will look like while we are here, but I know that God will provide the things that we need, including a language tutor! (The language is a BIT more complicated than Spanish…) We are blessed to be able to be here, and are praying that God will use us however He chooses.



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