Ellen Burns – Journeyman to Mexico

08 Jul
facebook_actualizaciones_ciudad_camerino_z_mendoza_veracruzHey Guys. So today, God did a pretty cool thing. Candace and I were talking last night about how this beginning part of our adventure is feeling a bit overwhelming and discouraging, mostly because we’ve been in our village for almost two weeks, and we have met practically no one. People have been really friendly, but we haven’t found anyone who we have been able to just sit and talk to for a while. Since our job for the first yearish that we are here is learning the language, we really need to find people who are willing to just sit and help us out.
Well, this morning we decided to go walking down the road to attempt to figure out at what point we can get some sort of cell phone signal. (Something is messed up with the phone that we have at our house, and we haven’t had service since thursday.) Well, as we were walking I just asked God to let us meet one person today, even just to learn someone’s name. Almost immediately, a woman stopped in the street in front of us, and starting asking us about where we were from, and why we are here. She was friendly, but then she walked away (after she laughingly asked us if we had any “dolares” from the U.S. Well, we kept walking, but couldn’t get any service, so we decided to just turn around and walk back. As we passed by the little house/restaurant that she went into, she called out to us again, so we went across the street to see what she wanted. She invited us inside, and gave us coffee and some pork and tortillas covered in SPICY salsa. (FYI, that was breakfast food). She then proceeded to sit down and talk with us, and she taught us a few words in our language! She even found an old 1st grade textbook in the language we have to learn, and she gave it to us as a gift! After refusing to take money for the food, she invited us to come back any time when we have more words we want to learn.I know that what she did wasn’t a big thing to her, she was just being friendly and curious about us, but it was a SUPER encouragement to me. Little by little we will learn our language, and meet our people. God didn’t bring us here and then leave us here alone. He has a plan for the two years that we have with these sweet people, and He is the One who will make things happen, in His timing.

Written by Ellen Burns


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