Boulder – Family Mission Trip, July 2014

20 Jul

photo 1Last October, as we were preparing to come to Boulder on our 2014 Family Mission Trip, Mike and I visited East Boulder to get a lay of the land.  It was during this time that SBC disaster relief teams from Colorado were staying at East Boulder Baptist leading out in clean-up and restoration projects in light of the Boulder floods just weeks before.  Little did we know the fruit that would come out of East Boulder’s ministry and other believers in the area of Jamestown where these teams and members of East Boulder were serving … that is until this morning!

Jamestown is a mountain community just outside of Boulder, which was one of the hardest hit communities impacted by the floods.  Donna Gail is the owner of a bed and breakfast in Jamestown that was badly hit.  Donna was a follower of varying world religions throughout her lifetime, including understanding at a face value the Bible.  One of her tenants over the course of several weeks, Travis, came to Boulder on varying business ventures and began sharing with her from the Scriptures, including leaving references to Scripture in her guestbook.  Every time Travis would leave, Donna would look up the Scriptures and process all she read.  Travis continued to point Donna to Christ as she continued to pour over the Scriptures seeking who Christ was and what He had done on her behalf through His life, death, burial and resurrection.

The floods hit on September 11th and Donna’s establishment was hit, leaving her trapped.  Her life not only changed circumstantially, but also 2  Donna had to be airlifted out of her community by National Guard workers.  In and around this time, Donna came to realize that her only hope was found in Christ alone and she placed her faith in Him.  Immediately following the floods, the community of East Boulder Baptist went to Jamestown to provide relief efforts for varying families impacted.  Due to the outpouring of their efforts, in her community, Donna came to East Boulder in December of last year.

This morning our team was able to witness the testimony and baptism of Donna Gale.  She invited many from her community, both believers and non-believers alike to share in this exciting day of following in obedience to Christ.  It was incredible to hear Larry Dramann, pastor of East Boulder, read Donna’s testimony and hear Travis share his account of being faithful to sow seeds of the Gospel wherever God places you.  We celebrated after the service with a church-wide potluck and rejoice in this new sister in Christ.  Pray for Donna in the days ahead, as she grows in her walk with Jesus.  Pray, too, that she would be bold in her witness, as folks from around the country come to her B&B and she has opportunity to speak of the hope of Christ within her.

Baptist Press Article –

Written by Ryan Martin


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