Colombia – Summer 2014

25 Jul

Here is a summary of UBC’s summer missionaries Paul Ussery and Gabe Llewellyn, along with FBC Fayetteville’s David Tougaw from the perspective of our partner Mr. B.  I know ‘T & B’ were grateful to have these guys serve alongside them in their ministry along the Amazon.  We look forward to future opportunities with our college students serving with our international partners, during summer terms like Paul and Gabe have experienced.

3 Borders Experiment

This summer I got the privilege of discipling 3 young men from Arkansas, Gabe, Dave, and Paul.  We had many adventures over the 40 days that we spent together in what I called the 3 Borders Experiment, but I wanted to take this update to highlight these 3 young disciples.

Paul Ussery–Psalms 1 speaks of a tree planted in by streams of water which yields fruit in season and shose leaf does not wither.  Paul was and is that tree on our team.  Nothing can shake Paul because he is grounded and has placed his life on the solid rock.  I was often amazed at the words of wisdom that flowed out of Paul.  He is a young man mature beyond his years and has a life of ministry to look forward to.

Gabe Llewellyn–Gabe is one of those rare people with the leadership gift.  He reminds me so much of Peter.  The first one (and only one) to get out of the boat to walk on water.  He might be the first one to sin (cut off an ear or deny the Lord), but he’s also the first one to repent and follow.  I grew to love Gabe like a little brother and see a life that will multiply the work of the Lord in mighty ways.  I pray that he leads many to follow in the footsteps of the Lord.

Dave Tougaw–Dave, much like King David, has a heart for the Lord.  Dave’s personality is contagious and his passion for Jesus is evident.  God is still very much forming Dave into a man after His own heart and I pray that God continues to cultivate a passion in Dave for the hurt and lost in this world.

I learned so much from these 3 guys and it was a privelege to serve on the same team as these guys for 40 days.  Over and over again, I saw the Lord use our gifts to minister to each other and to others.  Thank you guys for being who you are and for always having the desire to learn and grow.  I love you each dearly.

Written by TB


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