Ellen Burns – IMB Journeyman to Mexico

10 Aug
The past couple of weeks have brought with them a lot of adventures and new experiences for us here. This past weekend our landlord had a new door10563190_10203406629219479_3317423838849895697_n installed in our house since the one we had before was really just a gate, and did nothing to keep out the bugs, cold air, and smoke from the trash that is periodically burnt in front of our house. Unfortunately, when they put in the door, they forgot to install a handle on the outside, so we found ourselves trapped out in the pouring rain, unable to get inside of our house! Thankfully our neighbors were very helpful, and arranged to have it fixed for us while we went and stayed with our teammates. We have also begun an exciting new ministry here.

A lady approached us about teaching her children English, and two days later we had our first class! It has only been a week, and already we have had 5 different children come, and several others express interest in the class as well. This is a great opportunity for us to get to know more families in the community. Also, as we are teaching the kids English, they are “paying” us by teaching us the local language! God continues to provide us with unexpected language teachers, and new relationships in this village. It is a blessing to see all that He is doing, and the way that He is opening doors for us to share the Gospel.

Although we are adjusting to life here, there are still days that culture shock and homesickness hit, and it becomes difficult just to get up and leave the house.Please ask that God will help us to stay committed to what He has called us here to do, and that He will give us the energy to go out and be a part of the village, even when it makes us uncomfortable.

We have been blessed to get to know a local woman, who has “adopted” us, and has also been helping us learn the language. However, she is not a believer, and she has begun asking us for loans of money. Please pray that God will give us wisdom in dealing with these requests, while also keeping the door open to sharing the Gospel with her.

We have discovered a group of believers here in the village who have welcomed us, and support what we are doing!

Written by Ellen Burns


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