Ellen Burns – IMB Journeyman to Mexico

14 Sep

“ToTahtzin okintlasohtlak n tlaltikpaktlakameh, iwan ik inoh okimakak sanyeh n setzin iKonetzin, ihkoh nochi akin kineltoka amo ma mixpolo, yeh ma nochipaDSC00390 yolto.” This is John 3:16 in the heart language of the people we have come here to share God’s love with. Now that Candace and I have been here in this village for nearly 3 months, we are beginning to see a change in our days, and the relationships that we have here. We are now getting more connected within the community, both through ESL classes and casual conversations with people as we are out and about. This past weekend we were able to attend a local church for the first time, and we also had the special opportunity to help celebrate“Mama S’s” 64th birthday. So many doors have been opened to us through these experiences that it’s a bit overwhelming! We have also begun to be questioned more specifically about what we are doing here, and about what we believe. Because so many families here have been Catholic for generations, Catholicism is a part of their family identity now, so there are a few people who have been a bit more unsure about how they feel about us being here. We continue to pray that God will give us the words to speak, and the boldness to speak them, no matter what may result from our words. God has blessed us with some wonderful people here who are truly supportive of us, and are looking out for us. Because of this, we are encouraged, and reminded that God brought us here, and everything will be okay.

Although she is a devout Catholic, and we have shared with her some of what we believe that opposes Catholicism, “Mama S” continues to support us and care for us, calling us her children and introducing us to new people in the community on a daily basis.

As we meet more people, and are asked specific questions about why we are here, we are finding more people who are opposed to us being here. Please pray that God will give us wisdom in how to share with people, and how to deal with opposition when it comes.

This past week we began teaching a second, much larger ESL class in a different part of the community. Please pray that we will be able to teach them well, and to build good relationships through this class.

Written by Ellen Burns


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