Ellen Burns – Journeyman to Veracruz, Mexico

03 Nov

This past month has been a new kind of busy! More people have begun to invite us into their homes, and to participate in special occasions with us, which is a huge blessing. Doors are opening, and we are continuing to learn about the beliefs of the people in our village, and about how they live their everyday lives. This has also been a month of traveling. We recently took a trip back to the U.S.A. to complete some paperwork in order to have a longer-term visa. This meant that I was able to visit with some of my family for a few days, which was great! Now we are back in Mexico, but we are still doing some traveling between cities to do more paperwork, as well as some training and fellowship with others who are working in Mexico. We are hoping to finish everything up and be back in our village by the end of the week, and jump right back into our language study. Despite the craziness of traveling back in forth, it has been a great time of rest just being able to visit with people, and see different parts of Mexico. Plus we’ve been able to have some of the foods that we can’t get in our village! However, I am looking forward to getting back to work soon, and to see what God is going to do next! As always, I really do appreciate your prayers. I can’t tell you how encouraging it is when I hear that people are praying for me, and I know they mean it! I am completely inadequate for the task that I’ve been given, but God is more than able to use me, and to bring about His plan for His name to be glorified in Mexico!


The last Sunday before our traveling began, Candace and I were unexpectedly invited to share a meal with a family after church. They fed us, and then proceeded to speak almost entirely in Nahuatl, telling us they wanted us to hear it more so that we could learn faster!

Next week is the time when our village celebrates its patron saint, which means special food, parties, and saints parades.  Please pray that God will help us know how to spend time with people during this event without taking part in activities that we don’t believe in.

Our schedules are getting a bit hectic, and it’s not leaving us much time to study the language. Please pray that we will have wisdom as we decide how to spend our days and make adjustments to our schedule.

Written by Ellen Burns


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