Colombia Update – November 2014

12 Nov

13cb676c-1209-41bb-b47b-1d33c136287fAn update from the Amazon …

A team from University Baptist Church in Fayetteville came to Leticia for a week in September. We had a great time and they blessed us dearly. Jeff Ward, a dentist, and Wes Burgess, an elder at the church, and I were able to visit 3 villages and pull about 100 teeth if not more. A young Israelite boy (the Israelites are a cult that is in the Amazon) bravely volunteered to go first and Jeff was having a hard time pulling one of his teeth. I remember thinking and praying, “Lord please help Jeff and give him wisdom.” Fortunately this young boy was the most difficult of all we saw. Everything went really smooth after that. As Jeff and Wes were pulling, I was able to share a story from God’s word as the people waited. Afterwards, Mr. P came up to me and said he had been a believer for one year but really wanted to grow in the Lord and that the Lord had blessed him since deciding to follow him. We were pulling teeth in his house.

I had the privilege last month of traveling to the interior by plane and going up a river with a few other believers. The Lord really opened up doors and guided us on this trip, leading us exactly where we needed to go. I was able to share stories and teach multiple times, encouraging the family of Christ. Also, the Lord led me to specific people who are great contacts with those who haven’t heard the Story yet.  Following that trip I contracted malaria and dengue fever.  I battled through that for several days and am finally regaining strength.

Within the last few weeks we were able to put on a training for people across the Amazon.  I was able to baptize a fellow believer from Village 7a.  He had previously lived a life of murdering and drug trafficking and God got a hold of his life.  The smile on his face upon being baptized exuded great joy.  He now has a desire to gather a group of people in his home for Bible study and prayer.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support for us.




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