Ethiopia, Day 2 – December 2014

31 Dec

Chad with Street KidDear Family and Friends,

We are now unwinding from our second day here in Addis, much of the team is pretty tired and we all plan on going to bed early, we have a big day planned tomorrow.  After eating breakfast here at the guest house we are headed to meet the children of the drop-in center early this morning.  It is easy to see the love of Christ in the staff there – they are always showing the love of Jesus while tending to the children’s many needs as well.  With thousands of street kids here in the capitol of Ethiopia, the drop-in center is a safe place where the kids can come and get two free meals, a nice hot shower, and people who they know will always love them.  Upon arrival it was very easy to connect with these children, although language is a major barrier, they really just long for people to pay attention and love them.

After the kids ate their breakfast, we got to meet all of them along with introducing ourselves.  Following introductions Kassi told a Bible story to the kids while one of the workers translated.  They did an excellent job listening and paying attention. After we quizzed the kids to see if they were listening, which they were, we did crafts.  We made sheep with brown paper bags and cut out sheep heads and leg. We used the crafts to explain how the Lord is the Good Shepherd, which tied into our memory verse Psalm 23:1,” The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” We helped the children try to memorize this Scripture in English while our translator helped them in their native language.  We took a break in the shade and ate our snacks while the kids had their lunch. After lunch we played games, but because of the limited space we had to be creative.  We played all sorts of things from Legos and card games to heated 4-square games. After an hour or so of games, it was time for them to go which was sad.  The children put their own clothes back on which were torn and dirty as they head back into the streets.  It is an awful thought to think that these kids have no home to go at the end of the day, as they are fending for themselves in a city of three million people.

We returned to the guest house for a very short break. Pastor John had meetings with some of the leaders here and while he was doing that we were able to take a trip up to the mountains that overlook the city.  We headed up Mt Entonto to waves and waves of children walking up the mountain, going home from school, this was at least a few miles up for most of the kids.  We reached the top and got to take some really awesome pictures.  We prayed for the city of Addis as we overlooked it from the top of the mountain, it was a really cool experience.

We returned home to dinner and a devo from Jay – a great ending to a great day.  Please continue to pray the staff that works with street kids every single day.  Pray that they will have chances to share the Gospel with people who are lost.  Pray for this city, though it is very poor, it is more spiritually dead and needs Christ.  Pray that our team can be a blessing to the staff and to this city.

Written by Chad McCone


Posted by on December 31, 2014 in End of the Earth, Ethiopia, General Missions


2 responses to “Ethiopia, Day 2 – December 2014

  1. Jill Patton

    December 31, 2014 at 11:52 pm

    I love you all and I am praying you do God’s work as he planned!

  2. Rodney Patton

    January 1, 2015 at 6:02 am

    What a day for you all!! It is midnight here in Harrison.We are at my brothers house and I just read ur posting on your day with the children God bless You all and all the children there God bless!!
    Praying for all of you there!!


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