Ethiopia, Day 7 – January 2015

06 Jan

The last day in Ethiopia was spent training the Onesimus Staff on how to act when the boss is not around. Every staff memberIMG_2938 from the main office to the guest home cooks were present at the training. Each member of our team had a topic that we related to everyday life ranging from prayer to accountability, and we wrapped it all up with talking about how we don’t just work for people but ultimately we work and live for Christ.We finished around lunch time and then enjoyed food and fellowship with the staff.

After lunch, the staff wanted to continue to meet and we packed or things and prepared for the journey back to Arkansas. When the staff finished meeting we enjoyed talking to the staff while the boys enjoyed playing soccer and American football with them. That evening the staff prepared a traditional Christmas dinner for our farewell and we enjoyed a wonderful evening filled with laughter and love. As the staff presented each of our team members with gifts I couldn’t help but think how they should have been the ones training us and we should have presented them with gifts.

During our trip, I observed the staff and their servant’s hearts and love for Christ was extremely evident every day. If everyone had the desire to serve like they do I cannot imagine the amount of people that would be reached by the gospel. They encouraged me to do more to serve upon my return home. But one thing from the week that kept coming to my mind was the beautiful smiles on all the children’s faces. My heart is full of love for each and every kid, but I am reminded that God’s love for us is so much more. We are all created beautifully in God’s image regardless of age, race, or background we are LOVED!

While these children may not have a home or a family there a people in Ethiopia and in Arkansas praying that these sweet smiles come to know our God and that they will join our family. You see when you accept Christ you get more than a fairytale ending, you get a story that never ends, you receive an eternal home with our family and our Father in Heaven. My prayer is that these children continue to be reached by the gospel, that God would send laborers, that we would serve the way the Onesimus staff does here at home, and that there will be more life stories without an ending.

Written by Bethany Patton


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