Ellen Burns – IMB Journeyman, Veracruz, Mexico

08 Jan

Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe that 2014 has come and gone already. When last year began I never could have imaginedIMG_0140 all that I would experience in the next 12 months. I have so many special memories from last year, but for the sake of time I’ll only share my most recent one. For New Year’s Eve Candace and I were invited to a “mayordomia”, basically a party in honor of the village saints. At this party we watched as many of our friends here took turns offering incense at a huge altar, giving thanks to their idols for the past year and praying to them, asking blessings for the year to come. To them it was a normal thing to do, but for me it was heartbreaking to watch. ”

This experience was in sharp contrast to what we experienced later that same day. We spent the last 2 hours of the year (and the first 2 of the next) singing worship songs to God, and listening as the people gave thanks to God in their native language, praising Him for all that He did in 2014. As the old year ended and the new began, we were all praying to God as a church family, in three different languages, but all heard and understood by God. It was a very moving experience, and a blessing to be a part of it. ”

There is still so much work to be done, and so very many people here in this village, in this state, in this country who don’t know the Lord. Life here isn’t always easy, and there are days when I would like to give up and go home, but God always gives me the strength to keep going, and brings me reminders of how desperately the people here need to know Him more.


A family has opened up their home to us and has been spending hours teaching us to make tortillas, tamales, and sharing their daily life with us.  Please pray that the hours we spend with them will provide many opportunities to share our faith.

As the holidays wrap up, we are working on getting back into a routine while still looking for language help.  Please pray that the details of our schedule will fall into place, and we will have plenty of time to continue learning the language.

Although I wasn’t able to be with my family over the holidays, I am grateful for technology and the ability to talk with them. I also praise God for the safe birth of my niece, Annie Rose! I am so blessed to have a family that supports me in what I am doing!

Written by Ellen Burns


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