Ellen Burns, IMB Journeyman – Veracruz, Mexico

21 Feb

IMG_0001_2It has now been over 8 months since I moved to Mexico! It is hard to believe that so much time has passed already. I continue to be amazed at the ways that God is blessing me and providing for me here, working things out in ways that I never would have expected. This past week has been no exception. Only a few hours from now, two families will be arriving to stay with us for a week, and to help teach me and Candace how to translate and record Bible stories. This means that the last week has included a lot of time spent trying to work out logistics of such a project, finding space for everyone to sleep, food for everyone to eat, not to mention looking for people who are willing and able to help with the actual translation. Although there are still a few things up in the air, God has blessed us by sending several different people who have been more than willing to help us work out the details. This has also provided the opportunity for us to get know several people in our church who have previously been rather timid about talking to us. It was a sweet time when an older lady in the church prayed in her heart language for our translation project. I didn’t understand all of her words, but I was encouraged to know that she was praying to the same God I pray to in English, and that He hears and understands us both. There are many other stories that I could share as well, but suffice it to say that God continues to prove Himself worthy of our praise, and worthy of giving up our lives to Him, for His glory.


Recently I have struggled with feeling lonely and homesick, but I have been receiving emails from several friends and family members, and those never fail to bring encouragement and joy just to hear from them.

February 23-26 we will be working with a team to try to translate and record 4 Bible stories in the Nahuatl language. Please pray that all of the logistics will go smoothly, and that we will be able to produce a resource to use in sharing the gospel with the people here in their heart language.

Although I have learned a lot about this language in the past 8 months, there is still a lot that I need to learn. Please pray that I will continue to learn, and will find plenty of opportunities to use and practice what I am learning.

Written by Ellen Burns


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