Ellen Burns – IMB Journeyman, Veracruz, Mexico

17 Mar

God has been incredibly good to me. These past few weeks have brought me so many blessings, and so much encouragement.IMG_0002 Nearly three weeks ago we were able to spend several days both learning and practicing a process for recording Bible stories in the local language here. It was a busy week, but so rewarding! We now have several people from our village who are as excited as we are to continue working on stories, and to find new ways to share the Gospel with their neighbors and friends. They even approached us and asked if we could meet every week to work on more stories, which is exactly what we were hoping to be able to do! It is an amazing thing to see how God is opening doors for us here.!

God has also been encouraging me by providing more friendships, and more times of fellowship with people. Because Candace and I are both rather introverted, it has been a slow process as we try and build relationships here. However, the past several weeks we have been invited to church events (like kite-flying!), to birthday parties, and just to share a meal or a cup of coffee while visiting with people. Several different people have decided to “adopt” us while we are here, and have welcomed us into their homes. It is a good feeling to know that we have friends we can go to if anything ever happens, or if we ever need help with anything. As I said, God has been incredibly good to me.

Prayer Requests:

Even though teaching ESL is not one of my favorite things to do, God has been using it to help us form relationships with families who don’t always accept outsiders, and who were even warned by their priest not to associate with us!

This week Candace and I will be traveling several hours away for a few days of training.  Please ask that God would protect us on the road, and that we will learn many useful things in our training that will enable us to better serve in our village.

Soon we will begin working with several people here to learn, practice, and translate a set of Bible stories. Please be praying as we go forward with this that God will use the work we do to bring more people to Him, and that the believers here will be encouraged to go out and share.

Written by Ellen Burns


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