Boulder – March 2015, Day 1

23 Mar

This morning we got the privilege to worship with The Well Church here in Boulder, just as I did almost three years ago.  In that course of time The Well has seen tremendous growth.  Three image years ago, our group appeared to have a significant impact on the attendance and everyone knew that there was a group in town, today they have expanded to two services and you would not even notice our group in the crowd.  This gives me great hope in the continued success of The Well, that they will not only survive, but thrive.  This can even be seen in their presence in Casey Middle School where they are located.  When I last visited they were being forced to tote all their equipment each week in a trailer and were simply in one little quarter of the building.  Today I kept waiting for the trailer to arrive, but instead they had been able use a fairly large amount of storage space to keep everything on site and they were more or less utilizing most of the building.  This gives me hope that they will continue to find favor and leverage whatever God has given them for His glory, including hoping to fill a 700 seat auditorium for Easter.

Yet even though they seem to be growing, they have not lost their identity.  Everyone still seems to know each other and be personally involved in each other’s name.  It wasn’t just a simple hello, they were asking about specifics in their lives.  There was also a simple love of Jesus that has always perpetuated from The Well, that has grown even more abundantly clear.

While I have been to Boulder before the simple natural beauty of the city never ceases to amaze me.  We had the opportunity to explore a little this afternoon and some of us stumbled up an absolutely breathtaking view.  We sat talking and found it amazing that anyone could ever believe this beauty happened randomly, but had to be the result of a grand plan.  Yet we know that even being surrounded by this beauty many in Boulder still struggle with the concept.

Written by Jonathan Benson

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Posted by on March 23, 2015 in Boulder, General Missions, Judea


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