The Value of the Kingdom

19 Apr

Jim Elliot, missionary and martyr for the Gospel, said ‘He is no fool who gives that which He cannot keep to gain that which HeIMG_1292 cannot lose.’  We as Christians certainly give affirmation when understanding what our call is as a disciple of Christ, but when faced with suffering, persecution, or the need to persevere, do we truly embrace and embody Christ’s call to come and die?  Better yet, when we look at our lives and assess where our time and resources are invested, do our lives reflect comfort and convenience, or a life sold out to the commission of Christ to make His name famous, wherever and to whomever He has called us?

Days from heading out to spread the Gospel among those who’ve yet to hear of Christ, Mr. B (UBC partner in Colombia) was faced with a health scare that sent him to the ER in Bogota (2 hour plane ride from their home) to have a battery of tests run.  By the grace of God, it appears that Mr. B is okay and clear to move forward in his journey in the jungle.  Nevertheless, amidst scores of people praying for him, and even a blog post written to affirm his testimony, Mr. B would just assume the attention be taken off of him and focused on Christ.  He writes in a recent update – “Now, I would like to take a moment and ask all of you that are praying people for something. Please, from the bottom of my heart, pray for the work that the Lord has for us and for the people that we hope to minister to. The task is of greater importance and significance than my health or even my life. Pray for the forgotten and neglected people groups of Colombia and that that may come to know the love and truth of Christ.”

This is the testimony of a brother and faithful messenger of the Gospel who has counted the cost and regards the value of the Kingdom of greater value than his own.  As Paul says, ‘I count all things loss  for the sake of knowing (and making known) Christ Jesus.’  Do we count our kingdoms of negative worth, for the sake of making Him worthy to those around us – whether we find ourselves in the midst of the Amazon jungle or across the street with a neighbor?  Do we find greater significance in seeing Christ proclaimed among the unreached and unengaged, even if it means suffering, or even death?

“Our suffering is inevitable, but our mission is unstoppable, because we go forth proclaiming boldly the Word of God, through the power of God, to advance the church of God.” – David Platt, IMB president.

Go forth and make disciples of all nations.

Written by Ryan Martin

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Posted by on April 19, 2015 in Colombia, General Missions, Samaria


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