Uganda, Day 2 – July 2015

02 Jul

We’re in our second full day at Restoration Gateway and it’s been really awesome.  I love our team; they’re all incredible and have come withIMG_3654 such servant hearts.  For most, it is their first trip to Africa, so everything is new.  Everyone has done so well with the challenges of traveling to a third world country such as the long journey, the heat & humidity, bugs, mosquito nets, cold showers, no electricity, unique food, etc.

One of the huge blessings has been hanging out with Joyce and Clark Lasse along with their daughter Whitney.  They’re our host throughout our time here.  The girls are actually staying in their home.  They have served us so well, helped us get acclimated here at Restoration Gateway, and have cooked us some great meals.  Get this, last night we had grilled hamburgers.  I think they’re breaking us in getting ready for the night we eat snake (not really).  My hope is that we’ll equally be a blessing to them as they serve here day in and day out.  I’ve had some great conversations with Clark talking about the challenges of being full-time on the field and some of the challenges they face at Restoration Gateway.  It’s also incredible to hear how God is working in their lives and through their lives.

Yesterday and today have been filled with time hanging out with the children.  They’re in school for a good part of the day so we go to their classes.  They take a break around 10:00 am for tea, so we go back to their bungalows, or pods as they call them, and play with them. This afternoon we’re going to get with two different groups.  A group of boys will be getting with some of our team for basketball.  Another group of kids will meet up with the rest of our team for dance lessons.  In fact, right now, a couple of our girls are working up some pretty cool dance moves in preparation for this afternoon.  We’re told the African children love to dance, so they’ll probably be showing us up.

Also this afternoon, we’re going to learn how to make g-nut paste, which is like our peanut butter.  Each of the orphan pods has four boys and four girls and one widow who serves as the children’s “mama.”  We’ll be meeting with Mama Rose to make the g-butter.  I’m not quite sure what we’re in for, but I heard it’s a pretty cool experience.

Tomorrow, two of our girls will be traveling to a nearby town/village to observe and possibly assist in a medical clinic.  This morning we were told that they might be participating in some appendectomies.  How would you like to have that on your resume?  One of our team members is an English teacher and will be teaching a class or two tomorrow.  We’re also leading a worship service for all the children tomorrow afternoon.

Of course, the best part of it all is spending time with the children.  They’re so fun to be with.

Got to run for now.  On to make g-nut paste.

Written by John Mueller


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