Ellen Burns – IMB Journeyman, Veracruz, Mexico

18 Jul

Summer vacation has officially arrived in Mexico! Because Mexico has a slightly different school year than the U.S.A., this past week was the final week of school, and a week full of graduation ceremonies. Although we weren’t able to attend them all, Candace and I were invited to attend graduation ceremonies for everything from Kindergarten to High School, as well as to share a meal with the families of the graduates. It was a week full of celebration, and I was grateful to be able to share the joy of the families we have gotten to know here. #

This week also brought a visit from our supervisors to continue our training on the process for translating a set of stories from God’s Word. We are nearing the end of full-time language study, which means that our schedule here will soon look quite a bit different than it does now! Please be in prayer for us over the next couple of months as we begin changing our focus and rearranging our daily lives. However, please also pray that we will finish out our time of language study well, and that we will be able to learn and understand the language well enough to do our job well! #

Although we have lived here for over a year, and in many ways we have adjusted to village life, there are still days when we feel out of place, or homesickness hits and it gets just a little bit more difficult to get up and go. Your prayers mean so much to us, especially on the more difficult days. Thank you for praying!


Some friends of ours lost their father a couple of months ago, and although they are still mourning, they have been able to restart their business, and are recovering from the tragedy of his death.

We now have several consistent translators for stories, but finding times to meet together has been challenging.  Please pray that schedules will all work out to allow for a time of translation and Bible study.

Last week Candace’s laptop completely stopped working, and so far no one can determine what the problem is. She has many important language and storying resources on her computer that it is difficult to go without.  Please pray that the repairmen will find a simple (and affordable!) solution, and that none of Candace’s important files will be damaged or lost.

Written by Ellen Burns


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