Boulder – Family Mission Trip, Day 1, July 2015

20 Jul

This morning we had the opportunity to attend a service at East Boulder Baptist Church. Before the Sunday school classes began, many of usIMG_6719[1] had the chance to join in with a deaf missions prayer meeting. It was incredible to witness God’s children, though without the ability to hear, worshiping the Lord and praying together for missionaries to the deaf around the world.

Pastor Larry taught through 1 Peter 4:12-19 and discussed the blessing that suffering can be because it gives us strength, wisdom and a unity we often lack otherwise. Though our struggles are painful and we wish they would end, they are building us up and drawing us closer together and closer to God. He further discussed the idea of his recovering from surgery recently and it disabling him from riding his bike. One of his favorite trails is in the foothills of the Rockies and he is training his body to be able to ride that trail again. That foothill, as he illustrated, is only a glimpse of the majesty of the reward for the suffering we endure, while the mountains just beyond are not fully grasped but still awe-inspiring. Pastor Larry tied in the sermon at the end by stating that like all that he is currently doing is a means to an end, a way to get to the destination that he wishes to soon one day ride, we as Christians are in the here and now, preparing ourselves for the Kingdom we will see one day in Heaven with Christ.

After the service the church provided us with lunch and we all fellowshipped together. Though we live on opposite sides of the country, with vastly different backgrounds, we were able to come together in unity only through the provision of God and the urging of the Holy Spirit. We are extremely thankful to East Boulder Baptist for providing us with a place to stay while we are here and encouraging us with their words and prayers.

So far, we are all having an excellent time fellowshipping with fellow believers from across the country, as well as fellowshipping amongst the members of our own flock.  Creating, as well as growing pre-established relationships, has been an incredibly rewarding experience for all of those who have been able to partake.

Tomorrow we begin Vacation Bible School for East Boulder Baptist Church.  Please pray for the 70 kids who have signed up, as well as those who will be coming otherwise.  Pray for receptive hearts for the young children, as well as Gospel seeds to be planted in their hearts and that God would graciously provide growth to the children.

Written by Stephen Burns


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