E. Asia – Hands On – July 2015

28 Jul
IMG_2597I can not believe we have almost been away from home a month! I would say we are finally settled in, and are even starting to know how to get places. We have been mostly in the classroom the last week and a half. In the morning we have been teaching English to young kids, and in the afternoon, taking language classes for a couple of hours each day. It is rough, but we are slowly getting the hang of it.

It is awesome to see how He is working here in this city, as we have made many connections with people. The fact that we are over 200 pounds and have hair on our faces makes us stand out here, so it really is easy to meet and connect with locals. We play basketball in the evenings, and ping pong at nights. While playing ping pong one night, L gave out The Good Book to one of our new friends. I got meet with a guy we met at the gym this Wednesday, so pray that I can have good conversation and share with him. It is exciting to see how He is working in us and in this city.

Our football practices are on Saturday, so far we have three games scheduled this year with a chance of a couple more. The guys are excited for us to be helping out and even more excited we are playing with them. We are making good relationships there as well. Yarp that we can share with the football guys, and they will accept the news.

In Him,
Chad (UBC College Student)

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