International Student Ministry, iFriend Testimony – Johnsons

28 Jul

Did you know that we had 1,800 international students from 112 different countries studying right here at the U of A this past semester? Believe10648791_10152369623696444_4435575420100113743_o-2 it or not, 85% of these students never get invited into an American home. God has so strategically positioned us to be like family to these students–plus what an easy way to get to share God’s faithfulness in our lives as we welcome them into our homes! The University has an incredible program called I-Friend through which they will match an American family or college student with an international student.

One family from UBC had an awesome experience with their Brazilian student, Karin, this past year. Gerald and Debbie Johnson say, “We have always been interested in international students, however perhaps, with a little hesitation knowing you are inviting a total stranger into your home. But we had a great experience with Karin.  She fit into our family from the get go. One thing that made her exceptional was that she was already a Christian. We adopted her and she adopted us and she is the only member of our family that has studied at Yale! These students are the cream of the crop, having been selected for their academic achievements and probably the ability to adapt. We highly recommend this challenge for anyone willing to take the time.”

Written by Gerald & Debbie Johnson


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