E. Asia – Hands On IMB – August 2015

14 Aug


I’ve been here in country for over a month now, everything here is starting to feel like home now which is a huge blessing. During the last couple weeks we’ve been able to go and explore this massive city and go out into neighboring villages. In one village we got to climb a huge mountain with a buddhist temple at the top. It was a powerful experience to be able to pray outside this temple. In another village, we even got to go and fish with my hands. It was a very unique and very fun experience! It’s such a blessing to enjoy and spend time with people out in the villages. In doing all this, the father presented opportunities to share with the people we met, so please pray that the truth will take hold of these peoples lives. A huge praise is we actually saw a young lady come to faith, so now next step for her is to continue to learn more on how to walk with and seek our Father even more. So please keep her in your prayers.

One of the guys we work with was able to share with another young lady sitting next to him on the airplane heading to a village. He covered the entire story of C2C with this woman, and she came to faith. I’m extremely blessed to be able to witness first hand how God is at work in this country.

Our co-workers were able to see a T person come to faith, which is extremely rare. Praise God for how he is working in and through our team here in our city for his glory. So please pray for the T people among us and around Asia, as there is only 100 known believers throughout a people group of 5-6 million people.

Praying for many of you as you are about to start back in school! I pray that where ever you are, that you let the Spirit use you to be a light for his Kingdom.

Thank you all for your prayers!

Brother in Christ,

Written by Logan (UBC College Student)


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