E. Asia – Hands On IMB – August 2015

14 Aug

Things are beginning to pick up here as we become more and more comfortable in this new culture. God has been working in amazing ways,IMG_2667 ways we never thought possible. We just finished our English camp last week, though it was testing at times teaching children a language, God  used the camp in awesome ways. One of the moms came to our club the following week and has been regularly attending since then. She came over for snacks and coffee one evening with us and other family members. She sat and listened to us explain what our club was all about, why we were such a close family, and after hearing the Good News she wants to follow! We thank God for working here! Pray that she will continue to grow more and more each day.

The universities here will begin classes next month, things for us will really start to get crazy then, as we will be on different campuses each day. Right now much of our time is spent learning the local language. The classes are getting more difficult, but it is rewarding to see how we are able to use it around the city. The locals really enjoy when we try to speak their language.

IMG_2715This past week was different from our normal weeks, we climbed a local mountain last Wednesday. The scenes were beautiful and it was nice to get out of the city. There was a temple at the top where we saw hundreds of locals going to worship there. Pray for these walking in darkness. Yesterday we were able to participate in a annual tradition outside the city. Every year kids and adults alike will have a fish catching contest, no fishing poles allowed, only nets and your hands. The locals loved that we joined in, although we had little success, it was crazy chaos but really fun. After the contest we had an interview with the local newspaper and ate our city’s famous dish – Hot Pot.

Written by Chad (UBC College Student)

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