Ellen Burns – IMB Journeyman, Veracruz, Mexico

19 Aug

IMG_0004This past month has brought several changes to our routine here; most of them unplanned! One of these surprising changes is that I now have a job of sorts. A couple of days a week I have started helping a friend of mine sell chicken at a stand, and in return she is helping me with my language study-answering questions and having Nahuatl conversations with me. It has been really helpful in my language learning, and I have gotten to know her and her family a lot better too! I am praying that during the time we spend together I will have many opportunities to show her God’s love, and to share truth with her.”

Another change has been a change in the weather. Although it has been a lot warmer this year than it was during this same time last year, it has begun to rain almost daily, and is a lot cooler in the evenings than it has been. This means that people are more likely to stay at home and not venture out, which adds another complication to finding people to practice language with. We only have about a month left to reach our language goal, so we need all of the help and practice that we can get!”

Your prayers mean so much to me, and I am so grateful for your support! It isn’t always easy to be here, but I know that I am where God wants me to be, and your prayers give me the strength to stay here!


A couple of weeks ago our car started overheating, and there was a problem with the brakes as well. However, we were able to get all of the problems fixed rather quickly, and for several hundred dollars cheaper than we were originally quoted!

Once again, our phone has stopped working, which makes communication with our teammates a bit complicated. Please pray that the we will find a way to fix our phone, and that we won’t have any more technological issues!

We have a couple of busy, chaotic months ahead of us, with plenty of changes and adjustments to be made to our routine. Please pray that we will have wisdom in how we spend our time and in the plans we make as we prepare for the next stage in our work here.

Written by Ellen Burns


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